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Working for You, We Simplify Complex Projects

Since 1950, W. Gohman Construction Co. has earned the reputation of being a professional and reliable full-service general contractor. Located in St. Joseph, Minnesota we provide full service commercial, industrial and institutional contracting services not only to local businesses and communities but nationwide. Throughout our development, a specific philosophy and attitude has remained consistent: one of personal involvement and teamwork, with the interests of you, the client, in mind.

Our Services include:

  • General Contracting
  • Design / Build = Teamwork with You
  • Cost of the Work Plus a Fee
  • Construction Management
  • Development Assistance
  • New Construction/Development & Remodeling
  • Commercial, Industrial, Institutional

W. Gohman Construction Co. constantly adapts to meet our clients’ requirements. While focusing on strong service and response to client needs to adapt to all seasons, and all kinds of working conditions. Construction and all of the variety of services we provide are trades we've been familiar with for over 60 years. Now in our third generation of construction involvement we have mastered the ethical, physical and technical aspects of the industry.

What makes us different? (click to reveal information)

What makes us different from other construction companies is the quality of our staff. As we deliver a service to our customers that is custom in nature and built with many uncontrollable external and environmental factors, our staff is what enables us to complete a quality project, both on time and under budget. Our average length of time for employee retention is over 16 years; with several key staff individuals who have over 25 years of experience in our company.

Recently Denis Anderson our VP of Project Administration wrote in a letter summarizing what construction comes down to:
"It's all about planning, anticipation, and execution." This is the simplest explanation that describes why experience is so important. Anticipating potential issues that can and will arise stems solely from experience and detailed understanding of the planning and building process. By solving problems before they arise or before that portion of the project is started, facilitates staying on schedule and more importantly, is less costly. Many issues in construction should never actually have the chance to develop into issues, but the lack of planning and foresight by the Project Manager and Superintendent can create problems. These issues can be avoided by having and retaining the best and most qualified personnel.

W. Gohman Construction Co. then outfits these unique individuals with the proper tools for the job. Using industry specific softwares we can accurately generate blueprints, calculate estimates, develop schedules and budgets.

Whether you’re looking to begin a new construction project or are looking to renovate an existing structure, contact W. Gohman Construction Co.; we would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

More About Us
In 1950, Willard Gohman founded the company as W. Gohman Construction Co. providing services as a general contractor focused on commercial, industrial and institutional construction and remodeling in Central Minnesota.
Our Services
W. Gohman Construction Co. specializes in commercial, industrial and institutional building and remodeling. We are among the areas leading, fastest growing general contractors, something we strive to always be noted for.